Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Cool Kids - Computer School Lyrics

Shortly after announcing their decision to make music as a duo again, The Cool Kids are back and ready to give fans a taste of what’s to come throughout 2013 and today with the release of a song titled “Computer School,”.

Computer School Lyrics by The Cool Kids

Hey player, I knew you was gonna come back
Love something didn’t ya?
With ya cool ass.
.. back stage the name Boogie
Al right, Boogie
What you do for a living, Boogie
Sold computer school
Computer school, hmmm?!

I’m the reason that these copy niggas wanna be themselves
The reason that they put the black magz on their wheels
I originated cool! Come on, fuzz!
I’m the reason niggas started where I can go
A bunch of lil niggas dropping out of school
Trying to be like me,
Be like Chuck English, boy quitted
It’s the cool kid’s table where you sit!
Better late than never, though
Cool is better than that
Cause we water in my grass,
Boy, I’m hotter than the last
Couple water in my glass
Couple ice cubes floating
Spin my money on stops,
Air boats and...
Get it cool!
You grab it hot coals with your fingertips
Burb.., you’re wingign it!
I’m automatic profits, on...
Don’t try shit, my bodyguards talk smart from...
We’re the Guinness world breaking winners
Consecutive times giving niggas the blueprint.

I wrote this by the pool, bitch
Listening to...
Took karate on the school
Back at it like we knew.
You know what we gonna do?
You’ve seen it on the news
Reporting live from the trunk
Hey, this is what you wanna, wanan?
Going silent, I’m silent... violent
Tell them kids to go inside,
Like we’re already shooting...
Pop the quarter’s ice
I guess we’re writing rhymes
About to shoot up to the store,
Cause we need a bag of ice!
No matter what fit, I’m in
The whip I whip, the flip is still flip,
If the split can get there to me before I sell this shit
Around six fifty, nigga, did you get that time?
Brick on, still on from ‘96
Magic Charles retired, I cried real tears.
It is what it is!
We need to run this back right now!