Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DJ Kay Slay - 90s Flow Lyrics

After dropping off the video for “Keep Calm” yesterday, DJ Kay Slay returns with a song titled “90s Flow” featuring Fat Joe, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Sheek Louch, McGruff, N.O.R.E, Lil Fame, Prodigy and Rell. This will appear on Kay Slay’s upcoming album Rhyme Or Die as well as hit next mixtape The Rise of A City.

90s Flow Lyrics by DJ Kay Slay ft. Fat Joe, Ghostface, Raekwon, Sheek Louch, McGruff, N.O.R.E, Lil Fame, Prodigy & Rell

Can’t nobody stop my flow
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
I rap New York way above the rest
Crippling a double, knocking, crippling his best
Fuck all you hoes, get a grip, motherfucker!
.. shoot you, peace, the beat gonna touch ya!
Slay, hit me up, say he the black fat..
So I pull the... grab the straps, now I’m going in!
Mind on my money, and money bring the problems
See, my mind never funny, wasn’t laughing when I shot ‘em!
Summertime in the city with the bodies dry
The enemies throw a party like it’s Mardi Grass.
Nigga, I’m right here, you know right where
BX New York, polos and nightgales!
I’m liable to bring a lie to a dark fight,
Reliable to push the.... in an off night
Slay got the streets locked ... got the gun back
Told ‘em thirteen for the half, and he brought it back!

It’s not a game, this is not a show
We do it up for the money, cause it’s all we know!
So go and tell your folks, can’t nobody stop my flow!

Yo, yo, yo you would think I’m in a lounge, man...everywhere
Won’t blink like .. from Time Square
What he done here? She fucking with a crime...
.. stuck like a blunt, dead!.
Ya make sure I fix the G
Do want to cook it around here, unless Chris Steven on me
Together we live, forever I burn
With an antibiotic flow controlling our germs.
Mediate crowd up cartel,
I’m riding up on a double O swish sipping Martel.
’86 joint, you can ask Marcel
Greater niggas... gray and black, ourselves!
Put your ear to the speaker, this is rap Easter
Snatch niggas eggs and shit, boon your senorita
Lounge blacks smoking just fifteen and three spots
Engine just too far, you can’t eaves drop!
You can’t sneeze!
I’ve got the slowest... just ‘em high power,
Look... in the trees, hop!
Hop over my gate, I come up blaze
And the nigga stay in a race, so I ain’t crazy!

Pulling shots... rushing heads cooling in Amsterdam
The wind chill, fact is a rap.
My telescope is solid golden, the dress is clear
Stun magazine is a gear.
We don’t know how to cook rhyme and sing
Most of my bling is auction
Now I’m in the...suit and the ring
Forbes tour, smell out the fragrance...
Harry wins the... belt for my pants, aha!
A hundred for the necklace, two hundred on the watch
That affects shit... your money and pill I can’t protect this!
You live in the tranches...
Guns is under the love, sleep with the gun dust!
Pump one, pump more, pass the suitcase with the blue faces
Rob a bank, wrap the shoe laces.
Yeah, I can’t call it! It’s just living out in orbit!
The shit’s so hard, who gotta talk this?

I wear shiny suits with puffy freestyles...
Make reservoir for hoes, and I’m back, my nig!
Who grave your flow? I’ll show you how to dig!
Half for that boy, more key at the...
Drop the EP, now New York is in a frenzy
And waiting on the...
These lil niggas rapping like they’re twelve
So I guess they’re waiting on their pop
Old nigga, new nigga, need to know this
Ain’t none of ya fucking with this styles and..
This ain’t beef, this lyrical is spouring
The beat is when I’m sitting in the garage, you park it, park
Still I go out on the block, get high, get goons adapt
What you was only when you rap?
Put the gun down, pussy! Who the fuck you gonna clap?
Get the fuck out the game! If it wasn’t.... that shit
14 will be a god damn Saint, nigga!

It’s not a game, this is not a show
We do it up for the money, cause it’s all we know!
So go and tell your folks, ain’t nobody stop my flow!

You already know, that’s why I got you, baby!
I rather get a Grammy, and I eventually will
Right now my main focus.... this pill
Bentley for real, Jay Ray, haters want me dead
But the world want me living, fuck prision, I’m in position!
Tick-tock condition, listen, I’m on my toes
Get pussy on the rap, got my time for these hoes
Act these niggas write comedy shows, cold blood and...
Don’t want shooting out, don’t want...
I suppose niggas you’re forty and live for one story.
Dwaggy ain’t in a game with me, my killers came with me!
Watching everything shifty
I was trained to lay down like Martin King
Keep dirt on my name, verse in flame hit your brain
Ain’t like Sadam Hussein
Give it to any nigga, any terrain!
Fuck what niggas saying, man, I’m trying to maintain, nigga, yeah!
Trying to maintain!

Hey yo, it’s 9-6
Came in the game, no tricks
98.. the shit, where I...
Rest in peace, Chris!
He blessed glamorous, can glamour it
Still is vomiting, real niggas honor it
I used to fuck with hoes, and broke up, then they vomit it
Swing sword, good bell Lord, we’re on the...
Was raised to protect my moms
Dudes, dudes bust through the triple fat goons
Army for... take the bus lose
Still smoke tree plants, kill her on the troops
.. I am a sympathizer..
Them shit niggas, they’re...
And now I... and sound like my fucking town, dwag
I want that shit as my shit, I’m Rambo!
Fuck it! And I’m gonna tell the niggas, suck my dick!
But if they’re hating on this, one time, I’ll suck my dick

It’s not a game, this is not a show
We do it up for the money, cause it’s all we know!
So go and tell your folks, ain’t nobody stop my flow!

Promised the ball on my under dwag, I don’t like none of ya!
With this.. friend or foe, I keep it gunned, dwag!
The spirit up... and ain’t shining, ya!
Biggie small, big Al and big...
That’s everything that you like in your lyrics
My flow is the result to the crack epidemic
Uh, dirty murders, baby, yeah
Murder, murder, baby!
Yeah, shooting baby powder, you’re a... baby!
Nothing to fuck with, known for the dwag shit
Streets certified, hood known Republic...
You are now tuned, getting to the drama hour, what?
... I promote a New York with gas and low
Guns and roses like... nigga
You say subliminal shit, but you ain’t saying no names
Don’t fuck with me, yeah, you’re playing no games!

Tremendous career, the legacy of
A dirty lil New York good...
Locked in a cage, shot in a face
The fall from grace in this hip hop thing!
The music shoot through my veins
My talk get locked in my brain, and I won’t talk!
My heart is too passionate to get your satisfaction to see me all
Broke and fucked up, but that won’t be none of
Imagine that it’s not happening
This is my brain, my dream, my dream, dreams
Niggas trying to take my dreams!
It seems you wanna put hoes and my confidence low
So waste your time! It can’t be done!
My shit made it, titanium and you’re soft like pillows!

It’s not a game, this is not a show
We do it up for the money, cause it’s all we know!
So go and tell your folks, ain’t nobody stop my flow!