Tuesday, April 30, 2013

J. Cole - Cole Summer Lyrics

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Cole Summer Lyrics by J. Cole [Intro] This right here is not a preview I need to let it go, yeah [Verse 1: J. Cole] This right here i...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Chris Brown - I Can't Win Lyrics

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I Can't Win Lyrics by Chris Brown Chris Brown releases a new track titled "I Can't Win", that won't be on his upcomi...

Jazz Lazer - Echo Lyrics (Ft. Tyga & Chris Brown)

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Echo Lyrics by Jazz Lazer Ft. Tyga & Chris Brown Jazz Lazer is an up and coming artist who managed to recruit friend Tyga and Chris Br...

Wyclef Jean - Haitian V Intro Lyrics

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Haitian V Intro Lyrics by Wyclef Jean If I was president Way… Yea so… I walking through the MacDonald’s, right? I go for a 10 piece ch...

Wyclef Jean - Bugatti (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Bugatti (Freestyle) Lyrics by Wyclef Jean You see Future? I’m the Haitian Top shelf, now we Jamaicans My crew got ammunition We only fi...

Wyclef Jean - Whitney Houston Dub Plate Lyrics

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Whitney Houston Dub Plate Lyrics by Wyclef Jean (Whitney Houston) Yo, this is Whitney Houston Yes massive this is the original vocalist ...

Wyclef Jean - Kick Knowledge Lyrics

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Kick Knowledge Lyrics by Wyclef Jean (Intro) I’mma aks the new generation a question Showin hands, how many yall wanna be the young and ...

Wyclef Jean - Bang Bang Bang Lyrics (Ft. Jack Red)

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Bang Bang Bang Lyrics by Wyclef Jean Ft. Jack Red I landed in Chicago, everybody loves sosa The youth in the street told me We love you ...

Wyclef Jean - Glow Of A Rose Lyrics

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Glow Of A Rose Lyrics by Wyclef Jean (Chorus) And if my life is like the dust Uh… that hides… the glow of a rose What good am I? (The ...

Wyclef Jean - The Pullover Lyrics

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The Pullover Lyrics by Wyclef Jean Alright, all you fuckin niggers out the car now Officer, we are not niggers Listen, ever since I seen...

Wyclef Jean - Dispensery Lyrics (Ft. Mobb Deep)

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Dispensery Lyrics by Wyclef Jean Ft. Mobb Deep (Hook) What we gonna do when we get to Cali? We gonna by ourself a marijuana ID So when ...

Wyclef Jean - Trap N Roll Lyrics (Ft. Waka Flocka Flame & Angelica Salem)

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Trap N Roll Lyrics by Wyclef Jean Ft. Waka Flocka Flame & Angelica Salem (Intro) There’s been a whole lot of superstars on the stage ...

Wyclef Jean - Open Letter (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Open Letter (Freestyle) Lyrics by Wyclef Jean (Intro) Action Chip told me finish that cheese first boy Okay! Turn up my guitar Ladies ...

Wyclef Jean - Pop Ya Belly Ring Lyrics (Ft. Uncle Murda & Hannah Eggen)

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Pop Ya Belly Ring Lyrics by Wyclef Jean Ft. Uncle Murda & Hannah Eggen (Intro) Ladies and gentlemen Please report on the dance floor...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kent Money - Cypher Lyrics (Ft. Hit-Boy, Audio Push, Casey Veggies, BMac & Rick Ross)

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Cypher Lyrics by Kent Money Ft. Hit-Boy, Audio Push, Casey Veggies, BMac & Rick Ross And I say one for the money, 3 for the show (roll...

Kent Money - Make Something Lyrics (Ft. Hit-Boy, Common & K Roosevelt)

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Make Something Lyrics by Kent Money Ft. Hit-Boy, Common & K Roosevelt (Verse) There came a life so bittersweet Can’t waste your time...

Kent Money - Think About It Lyrics (Ft. Nicka)

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Think About It Lyrics by Kent Money Ft. Nicka (Verse) Sacrifice is for reaches and paper you can’t imagine Body’s tangled in lies and th...
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Kent Money - Wondering Why Lyrics (Ft. Dave Young)

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Wondering Why Lyrics by Kent Money Ft. Dave Young (Verse) Why you wonder bout who copped more Fly whips and rock floors Free the nigga ...

Kent Money - I Know Lyrics (Ft. Hit-Boy & Rey Reel)

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I Know Lyrics by Kent Money Ft. Hit-Boy & Rey Reel (Hook) Gold rings and gold chains for the family, I get it, top floors out in Mia...

Kent Money - Mafia Money Lyrics (Ft. BMac)

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Mafia Money Lyrics by Kent Money Ft. BMac (Hook) Hello, is this thing on? Can I get a round of applause? Think I finally stepped off fr...
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Kent Money - Street Views Lyrics (Ft. Diz Gibran)

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Street Views Lyrics by Kent Money Ft. Diz Gibran (Verse) Disrespecting my mind, stay only boosting the crime rates Prime plate, turn thi...

Kent Money - The Dealer Lyrics (Ft. Ashly Breshe)

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The Dealer Lyrics by Kent Money Ft. Ashly Breshe (Verse) Memories open doors to all the forgotten wars Of course I’m holding corpses wit...

Kent Money - God Bless Lyrics

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God Bless Lyrics by Kent Money (Verse) Let the smoke rise higher Arson it's fire That's what they do to a nigga once they encou...

Kent Money - Reflections Lyrics

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Reflections Lyrics by Kent Money My mother been in and out of the hospital And I be chasing the profit. Remember thinking a while ago T...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ab-Soul - The End Is Near Lyrics (Ft. Mac Miller)

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The End Is Near Lyrics by Ab-Soul Ft. Mac Miller [Verse 1: Ab-Soul] Yo, check - my flow in unknown to man yet Damnit - keep runnin' ...
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Juicy J - Show Out (Remix) Lyrics (Ft. T.I. & Pimp C)

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Show Out (Remix) Lyrics by Juicy J Ft. T.I. & Pimp C [Hook: Young Jeezy] Everytime I go out, you know I gotta show out Everytime I g...
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Chief Keef - Bankroll Lyrics (Ft. Tadoe)

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Bankroll Lyrics by Chief Keef Ft. Tadoe [Intro] Bitch, turn up... Bitch, turn up... Bitch, turn up... Team - bitch, turn up... Bitch,...
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Ke$ha - Crazy Kids (Remix) Lyrics (Ft. Pitbull)

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Crazy Kids (Remix) Lyrics by Ke$ha Ft. Pitbull Hello, wherever you are Are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar? Tonigh...
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twista - Throwin My Money Lyrics (Ft. R. Kelly)

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Throwin My Money Lyrics by Twista Ft. R. Kelly [Intro: R. Kelly] In the club throwin' money Turned up, Kells and the Twista [Hook:...
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Kanye West - Home (Windy) Lyrics

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Home (Windy) Lyrics by Kanye West (Intro) I wanna tell you a story about… it’s like a love story Kinda hurts though (Hook - John Legen...

Kanye West - Jesus Walks Lyrics

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Jesus Walks Lyrics by Kanye West (Intro) I need to recruit all the soldiers All of God’s soldiers We at war We at war with society, ra...

Kanye West - Have It Your Way Lyrics

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Have It Your Way Lyrics by Kanye West (Hook) Don’t want nobody to die, don’t wanna have to vibe But in this game I guess that’s just the...

Kanye West - Out Of Your Mind Lyrics

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Out Of Your Mind Lyrics by Kanye West (Intro - Sample) Look here, let me tell you something I’m tired of arguing, I’m tryna share this w...

Kanye West - Wow! Lyrics

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Wow! Lyrics by Kanye West (Intro) Introducing Mister I Ain’t Know You Did That And Mister Oh That’s My Favorite Shit And Mister Damn! ...

Kanye West - Need To Know Lyrics

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Need To Know Lyrics by Kanye West (Intro) I need to know Yea I need to… I need to know Turn up a lil bit Yea I need to know I need...