Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DJ Prostyle - FOH Lyrics (Ft. Fabolous & French Montana)

Power 105's DJ Prostyle has been playing this track for the past two days on the radio and today he decides to release it. Power 106's DJ Prostyle releases his new single featuring New York emcees Fabolous & French Montana.

FOH Lyrics by DJ Prostyle Ft. Fabolous & French Montana

[Intro:French Montana]
All my niggas sell cooocaine,oooo

[Hook:French Montana]
Money makes the rules, bad bitches get the choosin'
Talking 'bout that money all my niggas make a movie
Bitch I seen them tricks before,haaan, fuck outta here
Nigga I seen your type before,haaan, fuck outta here
Them niggas say we can't, what? haaan, fuck outta here
Them bitches say they don't, what? haaan, fuck outta here
Bust it,Bust it,Bust it,Bust it,Wide Open
Money makes the rules, money, money make the rules
Fuck outta here
Money makes the rules, money, money make the rules
Fuck outta here
Money makes the rules, money, money make the rules
Fuck outta here

[Verse 1:Fabolous]
You don't make no money,You don't make no rules either
Real niggas getting chicken,That's the fools beefin'
Rule No.1,Never tell a chick you need her
No.2,She should never bite the dick i feed her
Don't make me introduce your bitch to this fly shit
Have her caller your shit,my shit
Give her dick and maybe something nice
The head off the chain,Jesus christ
My company is loyal,Hoes are bad for business
My lil' homie bust a 40 like can't admit us
Never mind a hater,A hater on my mind,Never
Stop flexin' nigga,you was hot in '97


[Verse 2:French Montana]
Money makes the rules,All my niggas make the movies
Watch them bitches choose,She bust it open like a uzi
Shoes,2-Thou a pair and that clear pool,I'm there
You won't get none of this money but these hot shells i share
And i live by them houses,That's right by them mountains
I just caught that lick,It took me 3 days to count it
Them bitches they love it,A bunch of young niggas thuggin'
I Don't be askin no budget,I just tell her go bust it
Wide Open,All my niggas gettin high,Smokin
If you hatin,Eat a dick with your eyes open,HAAAN
Montana,Ask around nigga
Theres like 2.5 in that garage nigga