Sunday, August 18, 2013

Uncle Murda - The Response (Kendrick Lamar Diss) Lyrics

Brooklyn’s Uncle Murda is the latest to drop a response record to Kendrick’s ‘Control‘ verse, properly titled ‘The Response’. This one was brought to us by DJ Bobby Trends.

The Response (Kendrick Lamar Diss) Lyrics by Uncle Murda

Everybody like you heard what that nigga said?
I heard niggas getting offended
Everybody welcome to the studio
Trying to make a diss record about Kendrick.(one, two, one, two)
Tell Kendrick I ain´t mad at him, (I ain´t mad at you)
This is exactly what the game needed
Every body want to be homeboys, rappers competition, start competing
(Lets go)for calling out niggas name, Kendrick I thank you
But for saying you the king, niggas want me to spank you
I am like yeah I heard what kendrick said
But lil homie ain´t a threat(he not)
Maybe if Game or Snoop said it then i would be more upset(word)
Jay not dead, Nas alive, you the king?
Come on Kendrick how do that sound?
Okey [?] don´t count no more, then it´s me and fab fighting for the crown
(Brooklyn)Asap rocky i didn't vote for ya´ll
Years nigga like that fucking up yo coat for y´all
This for niggas not checking Snoop when he kicked down the building
That´s why kendrick getting cute(just saying)
How you gonna claim something you not
Oh i get it this nigga want to be 2Pac
And I am a westcoast crip on the block kicking it with bloodz
Talking about all the bloods I shot(bang)
King of oakland, why you ain´t say that?(ha ha)
Cause them niggas that robbed 2chainz don´t play that
Damn murda i know you ain't gonna say that
First fifty, now Drake trying to bring [?] back(offended)
P diddy wanna get paid,
He ain´t letting niggas eat of of niggas he made
And son I can´t front i respect that
Puff like y´all know what i want when i check that
I dont hold mine sideways i shoot straight
Remember when dr dre used to dress like a[?]
Let them out of town niggas know shits done change
Niggas can't party out here if they don´t get pass from me and [?]
Motherfucka we Brooklyn, and that crown I said me and fab was fighting for?
I just took it! aw cha paw