Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lupe Fiasco - SLR 3 (Round of Applause) Lyrics

After releasing ‘SLR 2′ a few days ago, Lupe Fiasco decides to return with the third entry in his SLR series. This one is called ‘Round Of Applause’ and is also a response to Kendrick Lamar.

SLR 3 (Round of Applause) Lyrics by Lupe Fiasco

Welcome everybody, SLR 3
Moment of silence for them, round of applause for me

[Verse 1]
I pause to put a round in the palms of thieves
And then clap for 'em, bring it back to 'em
Soundtrakk I bring my back to 'em
Cause they ain't ready for the front, facts to 'em
Like my nigga Mickey Factz to 'em
Aye Mickey what the wicky-wicky wack doin'?
They ain't from us but they claimin' they Columbus
Their raps come off flat cause they ain't in circumference
They ain't in the cypher of some lifers
Them niggas probation, soon to be leavin' Rikers
They ain't see us as the circle of my peers
Sir cool but he ain't spheres
That means he ain't fierce as this
Sailboat wouldn't survive in the ocean of my tears
Bring it back to the peephole, that's the circle of my peers
The back is what I said
Ready for the front, I rap it out the back of my head
Know it like the back of my hand
Cowboy or calf like the back of my leg, you ain't seein' what I said
That's cause it's comin' out the back of my dreads
You ain't see it, gotta watch what I say
Wash a nigga away or dock a nigga pay
I bring it back to the piers
And if you ready for that, you've just received the deadliest catch
That you've seen in years
Match, and if you think I'm playin'
Back when you were sayin' "What in the world was that?"
When I was sayin' 'bout the world
I was talkin' 'bout when the fuckin' world was flat


[Verse 2]
So what we got here? Some Top Ramen talkin' 'bout some top tier
Some top rhymin' to some boxed ears
Such a waste of my timin', that's why I'm not here
This recite is just a sight of the
The real me is out droppin' crop circles all over Iowa
You're witnessin' a one man cypher-a
One hand's a gun, the other hand's a silencer
If I cock the thumb, you gotta take a hike to the
Hitch, cock, psychotic, did you get that plot?
If you ain't get the words then just make a little bird
So you can hear what the fist don't stop, this shit don't stop
Let you debate whether it's birds tellin' [?]
Fingernail shells come out my pistol top
I wear a Rollie so my wrist don't watch
Cause he don't like to see it, ain't that a bitch?
The same wrist I shoot the three with, game winnin' remix
Revisit the ship, upon which niggas seasick
Floatin' on the water out the eyes that I see with
Burnin' on the fire out the eyes that I see with
So as we heat seekin' the seen heater sea-seein'
But fuck it, it's too far off the deep end
I don't need a reason, I ain't talkin' to 'em
I just CC'd 'em Tetsuo season

SLR 3, Round of Applause
Silencer on my hand so my rounds won't sound at all
Now how that sound to y'all?
Maybe how dog whistles sound to dogs
Tetsuo season
Album comin' out, super soon
That's right, so I'm gon' rock this way
And niggas poppin' shit, it ain't got nothin' to do with me
And just capitalize off all the free press
Because my publicist charges a lot to do the same shit
As these niggas doin' it for free
And I can just rap, because really
Shit don't even matter to me
I can rap all day, talk shit all day
And you niggas just soak it up
Believe it, if I stop, still gets headlines even though my Twitter locked
And ain't that a bitch?