Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kent Money - Reflections Lyrics

Reflections Lyrics by Kent Money

My mother been in and out of the hospital
And I be chasing the profit.
Remember thinking a while ago
That what I’m chasing would stop it.
It’s making it harder to get along with her,
Even the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with her,
She’s contradicting the patients,
Warm level which every soldier won’t make it,
Persevering through pain abused stories,
Me not staying the same is a true worry
And I feel that I really do, momma
Tell me never to trust who ain’t been through coma
No casualities and no arguments,
But still ain’t answer when I ask her where my father went.
Guess just defines’ hereditary
But who to blame, should I see the most of the cemetery?
Remember ways and lost souls,
Push you the most, but they never see when you cross goals,
I’m numb to a few emotions,
Ain’t no mistake when you think with your heart open
These women know how to get to it,
Climb down, but we worry about how the next do it,
So I’m free, I’m me, a nigger grind hard
So they never can view me like some nigger.