Tuesday, April 30, 2013

J. Cole - Cole Summer Lyrics

Cole Summer Lyrics by J. Cole

This right here is not a preview
I need to let it go, yeah

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
This right here is not a preview
Of what the album goin’ to bring you, or nothing like that
Sharing things I think quietly, with those that admire me
Remember MTV Diaries? This something like that
I wear my heart up on my sleeve, and I, bleed for you
Cookin’ beats hoping’ to reach like each one you
When I release, trust if you think my shit is weak
When you see me on the street, then speak, I refund you
This sample was yellin’ “loop me”, Ms. Hill please don’t sue me
Cause I ain’t one of these rappers out here frontin’ like he got it, nigga
I ain’t fuckin’ got it, nigga
Throwing thousands in the strip club with Drizzy
Difference is I’m through four, he’s throwing fifty
Lord, forgive me
Bitches saying, “you a rappin’ nigga, ain’t you s’pose to tip more?”
I don’t see no pussy, baby, ain’t you s’pose to strip more?
Confessions of a cheap ass nigga,
But I finally put my momma in that E class, nigga
And I told her quit her job,
Oh, hold your horses,
If my next album flops it’s back to the post office
Both of us, shit
They’re saying that’s a real possibility
The thought alone, man, it’s killing me

I think I need to let it go
I need to let it go
I think I need to let it go, let it go, let it go
I think I need to let it go
Cause nothing even matters

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Anticipating rain, I can’t make the same mistakes again
Them 90′s niggas raped the game,
And left us with a battered and bruised bitch, with a few kids
The pussy loose, but the truth is I love her, though
She ain’t perfect, but who is?
Hoes saying, Cole, you is
Don’t be silly, Ma
Cause really I
Am just a Born Sinner
The opposite of a winner
Cole summer, I predict another winter
Cause I’m finna, drop knowledge like a five per-center
Fuck the build-a-bird, niggas showing God sent ya
Rhyme with the skill, as if Nas when to
College on scholarship met ‘pac and said I’m down with ya
And when the wasn’t writing rhymes they fucking lined sisters
Puffin’ on swishers, what’s up Milan?
Everytime I drop I get the net poppin’ like Lebron swishes
Kate told me kill ya, and I gotta respect my Mom’s wishes
When I let go this how my mind switches
No looking back, don’t even want to see my prom pictures
Pardon the rhyme scheme, I guess I’m long winded
Let me switch it now,
Back to Hell’s kitchen now,
Up in Hova office like, he’s the fucking principal
Put me in with Stargate, that shit was like detention now
Just tellin’ my story so dissin’ ain’t my intention now
Drop a couple hits and all the dumbies pay attention now
A shame when you learn the ins and outs of the game
Reminisce on little Jermaine, in the South
Rappin’ out loud, with all the niggas that’s cool to you
Just to realize that all them niggas was foolin’ you
And they ain’t who they said they was
Talk about the streets but, nigga
That ain’t really where they was
Acting just like there they were
But who am I to judge?
That’s neither here or there
Just know I know, my nigga
I just like bein’ aware
If i had one wish, I would fuck Tia and Tamera,
At the same time, and put name tags on they titties so I don’t get they name wrong
Screamin’ game on
Like Wayne’s World, that just came on
I’m rambling now
Five days to finish the album, I’m scramblin’ now
Took a break from sampling now,
Just to say a few words to this bitch named Summer
June will make four years since I gave you my number
The Warm Up dropped, I got hot, you called it a classic
And Jay dropped “Autotune”, you wanted him back, shit
Play my position, the whole while still wishin’
A year later Drake put his key in your ignition
And I told my fellas,
I dropped Friday night lights in the winter just to make her jealous,
Wanted to drop the album in the summer but the label didn’t think that they could sell it,
Recoup the first week, I think it ain’t shit they can tell us
Do you agree?
It’s been a long time coming this thing between you and me
I can’t let it go


June 25th. Born Sinner. Bitch.