Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Crooked I - The Shady Dynasty (Freestyle) Lyrics

Crooked takes on Jay-Z's "Dynasty Intro" instrumental and reps for his Shady/Slaughterhouse family on his latest drop.

The Shady Dynasty (Freestyle) Lyrics by Crooked I


Full for thoughts you do the dishes,
I’m taking middle of notorious, I’ma move through this business
Keep the track and whole pretend us who ..
Who stupid and to pretend us to see,
that fucking with me is up the senseless
don’t let the jury and the true religion fool you
I’m a product of Nazis, it was written
When the truth is speakin and stood and listen
my new commitment is the new..
Her niggas yelling their lyricism, super ignite
Bullet through the picnic
I do predicting rappers do restricted
even if I go wood, I still get green
And our rapper you can lift in
I say what the fuck I mean
when the beat bump I get grow acting
but I never go commercial for the cream
When I was flap broke this the vision I seen
I had the dream in the jet like O’neal verses I keen
Now even when the rap .. and Crooked is the verse Lord
And shady records valley and you rappers rehears at the first floor
I’m Stepping you with a curves on sward
Slicing like an ombilical .. to all of your wounds and deep is the earth call
‘cause you’re f*cking the hip-hoping
Niggas making money they don’t want make no ways but fuck
That I rap on the circ for
I’m .. so they want me to .. yelling one
But cooking from the ghetto look, I’d rather way in on ….
She was in a car accident and sell battery die
She knocked on the door for some help
But the person inside decided to load up and shot gun
Shout her in the head, somebody thought the dead
And I really don’t think the discussion is close
Put it in a rhyme ‘cause my niggas don’t read the .. and post
They selling kush and the weeds by, niggas in the deep spot
Till they get locked and need a couple dollars on their green dot
It mean, I’m just nearly every rapper that seem hot
I know they pussy homie, they hold and show me the spring shot
But never mind in they speaking to the speaker,
Staring at the studio walls, I really just reachin for the ..
When niggas say I’m the best they really just preachin to the preacher
If you not a fan of me now, watch how I .. in the bleachers?
the beast long the beach and make you feed you to the creatures
For the dough and the Gs the more G’s, eat you like some pizza
Eat you like a pizza .. leave you in pieces in the freezer,
The streets and office and Jesus, it’s all hell like scissor
That’s why I keep a heavy squeezer
To castle Christmas ever need

No Jil
No Jill
Is the no Jill off