Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Logic ft. King Chip - Two Kings Lyrics

Logic connects with King Chip for this new C-Sick produced record called ‘Two Kings’. He is currently on the ‘Cud Life’ tour with Kid Cuid and Big Sean.

Two Kings Lyrics by Logic ft. King Chip

[Hook: Logic]
Every time I think I've gotta go
Cause if you seether you gotta know
Bitches only care about the flow
Come on you know how the story go

[Verse 1: Logic]
This that shit never runnin' and they always pretending
Condescending aint what I'm beenin'
Just imagine like Lennon
That we livin' like long division, my vision is risen
Shout out my homie in prison, shit is deeper than an incision
On a lower level word to the devil
I could fit a treble inside
I tellin' me what to do, I never abide
Feel a vibe
The second we arrive, you know we just know how to do it
My style they can never renew it, I bet they know it

[Hook x2: Logic]

[Verse 2: King Chip]
She came with a couple of friends told them come on in
I was wonderin', do you need someone to filll you in
On the reg nigga, nigga not givin' a fuck about why you mad at me
I'm hittin' that pussy standin on the wall like aint no gravity
King Chip is what? good observation
He gon' keep living while you keep observating
Is that even a word? .. is you hatin'?
Language is the arts so when I talk I'm creatin'
Whole new way to live, way to think, way to feel
Let them bitch ass niggas know they fuck with me they gon get killed
They gon' run, put that on my son, nigga dont give no fuck
All a nigga know is bad luck, bad luck
Knowin a nigga gettin' to these L's while I can doe
Working towards more happiness than I can handle
Light the candle, South Africa after sexin'
My doors open we smoking, chilling, relaxin'

[Hook x2: Logic]

[Verse 3: Logic]
I think through these motherfuckers like catscans
And if they talkin' back I just give them the back hand
Think I work for Apple the way I give 'em the Mac man
Only partially ballin' motherfuckers is Pac Man (God Damn!)
I'm just playin', dont pay attention to what I'm sayin'
Everything just a part of my plan
Cause really I aint shit just a man
Chilling in my city spending money like Diddy
Hundreds and fifty's I'm spittin' gritty
While you sittin' pretty who fuckin with me?
First name Bobby, but I spit that crack like I was Whitney
Started as a hobby but who knew back then what this shit would get me
And know they all up on the scrotum
The second I told em these lyrics I wrote em
Acting like I owe'd em
Not a lot of people understand my words cause I decode em
Now these bitches give me the top of the totem
I'mma break it down, I feel like I'm breaking down
Until I hit the mic cook up the shit that I'm making now
Kinda like Quentin Tarentino these only built for cuban links
With Gambino's at the casino blowin' my notes with a C-note
Some people call me Robert cause cause I'm all about the Deniro
Talk a lot of shit thats why you sound like a Culetto
You fuckin' better my lyricism es feo pendejo
All up in my business while I'm just tryna get the queso
Life's about the peso, in English that means the money
and if your bust is as big as mine you'll get all the honeys like

[Hook x2: Logic]