Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chiddy Bang ft. Two Guyz - Heartbeat Lyrics

Chiddy Bang ft. Two Guyz HeartBeat. Chiddy Bang releases the first cut, entitled 'HeartBeat', off his upcoming mixtape, Baggage Claim.

Heartbeat Lyrics by Chiddy Bang ft. Two Guyz

[Hook: Two Guyz]
Every time we touch
I can feel my heart beat (2x)
Faster, faster (faster, faster)

[Verse 1]
I done been around the world
Real shit, had a thousand girls
Real shit, finna shine like pearls
I know it
I'm a come through in the clutch
And show it
Focused on this paper route
I wake up in the morning and chase it
Started at the bottom,
Now there's lb's on my bracelet
Take off in a spaceship
G-Give it a try
Picture me picking a prize
Ask me why I get so high
We living to die
My limits the sky
And everybody now we gotta have it
Yeah we gotta have it
And I get this paper
I'm a turn to a savage
Just like Randy
They can't stand me
All my hoes chase cause my house change
Undertaker, my flow caine
Yeah, you know I got bite dog
Yeah, you know I spit propraine
Yeah, you know she gon' throw it back
Y-Yeah You know it's straight Kodak
Cause this life for the picture
I came back with a verse from the Bible
And I write from the scripture

[Bridge: Chiddy Bang]
Young nigga!
I'mma, I'mma, I'mma show you how to get it
I'm-I'mma show you how to win it
Ain't nobody else done did it
Like we sought to do it
Like we ought to do it
Fuck this shit, it's Nike!
Tell them hoes "let's do it!"

[Hook: Two Guyz]

[Verse Two: Chiddy Bang]
I'm in this bitch like fuck that
Head spinning like hub caps
And we not gonna land
And I'm hot like a pan
Where the fuck did my friends go
I'm sipping on Cleco
And I'm sticking to the G-Code
A hundred dollar, smoking, weed rolled
We cold
Dre, had dreams of living this life
F-ing the world, giving her pipe
Forcast, champagne showers
This time, the game ours
Kobe with that fade
We sold out in L.A.
Got that contractor, get paid
My million dollar plan made
Said "yeah, I gotta get it"
So promise I'mma get it
Get this money for momma
Take it back to the crib and then split it
Yeah, you know that we did it
Back on the commitee
Fuck all of that bullshit
Cause that bullshit, we ain't with it



Awhuh, awhuh, girl what you made of
We bout to spend every thing that I made love

Woke up in this bitch
Eyes low, cause I'm bent
We riding home cause I'm faded
She driving home cause I'm faded (3x)