Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yelawolf - Voodoo Child (Freestyle) Lyrics

Voodoo Child (Freestyle) Lyrics by Yelawolf

Yeah this freestyle is dedicated to Justice, from Oklahoma
@Justice_Whitnah let's rock buddy. Congrats

Well, I'm a voodoo chile
Lord I'm a voodoo chile

Tell me ouija board, who's peaking in my window again?
Couldn't be Peter Pan cause he's got a fuckin' evil grin
The ouiga board's spelled out E V I L twin C A T F I S H
Billy that's you again
Fucking right I'm coming out to play, Michael you should bow and pray
Luck up to the sun and blind yourself cause I'm about the only one to relate
To the Michael that you want to fight
But it ain't really gonna pay off because that fucking outlaw inside you's gonna get ya either way
Now be the porta-potty for the order
Obviously your the sort of kind of warrior the border probably don't want to let through the door
Cause all the commonal' is that you're poorer to the poor and overworked
Bodies singing out the story they can all be proud of
But the sound of power showers over louder speakers in the boring hip-hop court lobby. (Uh)
I'm a super freak, Rick James bitch, you can do for me
I take a 9 smoke ya man and drop him off with a lighter down on hookah street
I'm everything you could be, make you MC read his elegy while I pull my zipper down behind a tree
Man somebody died here, "Yela', you can pee?" Yep!
I don't care bout a grave owner
Hater I don't care if I don't pay when I enter places, if it's a million people waiting to enter
Fuck a VIP I want to see a stage and listen to no roast
Just a wave of a bunch of from the days and I blaze this place, me in the center
I'm sicker than a hick up in the heat with syphilis and hepatitis
They sucking on a pipe like (kid of lice?) plus survivors that can be identified
It's probably better that you grab a sweater
Better yet a leather jacket from a closet rack
And maybe get a pack of antibiotics for the psychotic hi-fi phonics that I share
Cause there's a catfish breathing air
There's not two, there's not a there
That's not a they, that's another year
That's another ball park all together
Frank got a fake gold No Limit's tank
And a golden 45 pointed at the pitcher
Motherfuckers wanna play a pickup game?
Bones hit the strands
I'm so on my own shit that I won't quit
I'm so on my own out here that I can't quit
If you quarrel leaving, paint it, and grenade the gains in the ground of the shameless Hollywood
Fuck bodies bang this in your church
You can sang with me it's free
Styles I got piles, flows I got miles
Show I got crowds, hoes I'm not proud
Open your mouth, slow leaking out, love you a beer
Towels on the floor, vowels on the floor
Grounds on the floor, now you record? Loud as a boar
Why would a boy look in the mirror?
I say today is the day that I wake up and walk outside
And the entire globe turns bright purple just by popping this little pill here, ya dig?
I'm the reincarnate of a Vietnam vet. chasing a group through the jungle
With a mind like a tumble-weed, blood shot eyes, and I'm chewing on a twig
My great great grand daddy fed me pepper and told me it was chocolate
He must of known I need some spice in life, I was too big for this piece of shit town
You try putting a dream inside a box, that box would implode
Dilapidate, evaporate, desaturated with sound
For the folks in the back of the broken Volkswagen, parking the bug in the parking lot and rolling baggies
Walking around the festival, then profiting off the these people yearning, burning
For that LSD, for the lettuce head in me
I give you most props if you grow crops
Keep your tie-die and flip flops
Yippee-ki-yay if you don't stop. (Don'tstop)

And at the same time I'm right here in your picture frame
Yeah! What did I say now
Cause I'm a voodoo chile
Lord knows, I'm a voodoo chile

(Guys come on)