Sunday, January 19, 2014

Murs - The Pain Is Gone Lyrics

Detroit producer Apollo Brown and Los Angeles rapper Murs released “The Pain Is Gone” from their upcoming “Mandala Vol. 2, Today’s Mathematics” available January 28th.

The Pain Is Gone Lyrics by Murs

(Her troubles are over
The pain is gone)

This is a story y'all, peep the lyrics
Thank you Apollo for the opportunity brother and... I decided to tell a little story on this one. Suprise, a story about a girl. It's kinda what I do. Why not? Like the big homie (?) said. This is a story y'all. A crazy story, peep the lyrics

[Verse 1]
She had the fattest ass and a phone full of niggas names
Small town chicks, yeah they say they run the biggest games
Met her on IG, she liked a couple of my pics
Next thing you know, I was Skyping with this chick
She said "I'm not the type of girl who shows off her tits
But you can watch my face while I play with my clit", ooh
Couple of them sessions earned her a plane ticket
Probably the flyest girl that had ever came to kick it
We went from LAX straight to the Grand Lux, then
Back to my crib, she pulled out some handcuffs
A little disappointed cause she wore a padded bra
But when she turned around the fattest ass I ever saw
I flew her out a couple of more times that summer
'til she stopped returning emails, changed her phone number
One day if she knew she had it, would she let me hit it raw
But I took a little penicillin, now the pain is gone

(The pain is gone)
But the memories remain, so it hurts a little bit when I come across your name
(The pain is gone)
Betrayal, lies and deceit, but I treated you so well, don't know why you would cheat
(The pain is gone)
The lesson's been learned, lust just misleads, trust must be earned
(The pain is gone)
And it wasn't that bad, but on some real shit it was, fuck you I'm still mad

[Verse 2]
So I called her back... Yeah I called her back
I swear my big sis damn near had a heart attack
But she was all of that, plus she apologized
Said she had learned a lesson, she was through with all the lies
How could I take her back? She's such a ratchet whore
Do you give up a Bentley because you scratch the door?
You find the diamond in the dirt you don't make change
You shine that mo'fucker up and you buy a frame
Was I going insane, caught up in mindgames
We was together three months before her mind changed
Supposed to move in, then she made excuses
"It's too much stress in LA" she said she couldn't do it
Should've knew better, but I flew out
I drove the rental straight to her house, unannounced
She opened up the door, fat stomach, half naked
Come to find out, she was 6 months pregnant


It is. Nah, I ain't trippin'. Sorry mr. Brown, but yeah...