Thursday, November 14, 2013

Young Dro - Strong (Remix) Lyrics

Young Dro calls on 2 Chainz for the remix to his DJ Mustard produced track “Strong.” The original appeared on his new album “High Times”.

Strong (Remix) Lyrics by Young Dro featuring 2 Chainz

(Verse 1: Young Dro)
Smoke only strong weed,
Roll one the long way
Fine ass bitch, hey,
She fucking with my feng shui
Weed all in my eyes, I’m finna cry
Weed in the brownie pies, bought it high
They trippin’ cause my eyes red,
I look like a pothead
Y’all niggas monkeys so I’m bout to go bananas
Everything I rock flip flop, yeah, Tropicanas
Put deuces in the Phantoms, west side of Atlanta
I’m the same nigga told you bout sentimental syllables
Uh, getting head in a buggie, rolling up a dutchie
Bitch, I want my number back, your pussy musty
Fuck that bitch, trust me

Man, that weed strong as fuck (x4)
Who got strong? (Who got strong?) (x8)

(Verse 2: 2 Chainz)
Wearin shorts in the wintertime
Don’t pair me no never mind
And if there was a swag race
I’ll beat you niggas to the finish line
Woke up in first class with my dick caught
Sold so much work, I need a brick car
Pull up to the spot with my tint on
I ran pussy on rent call
Parkin lot pimpin is my forte
I get head for the foreplay
Smoking cookies with my girl, I ain’t cookin
And I guess she goin both ways
I got wax in my trippy
I don’t need a lighter, I got wax in my trippy
I done throw everything off the racks of the fendy
When I leave his throat smell like a motherfuckin hippie aye

(Hook x3)
Man, that weed strong as fuck (x4)
Who got strong? (Who got strong?) (x8)

(Verse 3: Young Dro)
Shawty said she got that burn pack,
I am too high to determine that
I’m geeked up off the chi-i-i,
Talking to me, gotta run it back
Charlie Sheen, all that, roll up a ball back
I’m in the hotel with two lesbians,
Where the fuck y’all at?
I’m with the coalition, team,
Pouring up this lean
Drive a nigga bitch cray till she need a Ritalin
Smoking out the back of cars,
Man, we just a bunch of stars
Black kush up in my cigars, I am high off this planet, Mars

(Hook x3)
Man, that weed strong as fuck (x4)
Who got strong? (Who got strong?) (x8)