Saturday, November 16, 2013

"Shady Dynasty Pt. 2" Lyrics by Crooked I

Crooked I continues to drop off records, following up his "Shady Dynasty" with a Part 2.

Crooked I - "Shady Dynasty Pt. 2" Lyrics

Yo Ice man, I think we need to do part 2 though

I did it every Wednesday
Nigga saying Crooked I about to bring that hip hop ??? back, nuh
Long as whack niggas still shining
I'mma be wherever hip hop need me at
Mega-lyrical and then I get political
I feel like ??? bring his style ?? back
I love listening to white boy spitting
I've been doing that shit since I first heard Beastie's rap
Black, yellow, white, brown, purple
I don't care just body a beat remember
It's always somebody better than you
And you better believe that somebody is me remember
I'm making this freestyle shit look ??
They say I must be constantly thinking about it
Dreaming about it people will doubt it
But it is easy to me
I'm with the head of the goat and hail no I ain't without a
Failure is not in the plan
Go ahead hater try to block if you can
They say ain't no vent to the fat lady sing song
Walking with the bitch voice box in my hand
Time on my side like a clock in my pocket
I ain't in a rush cuz the ??? began
Time is in everything I'm chilling like a ??
In the hour glass man I'm just watching the the sand
First I'mma ?? the slaughterhouse then your mouth
Till you finally understand we the best in the industry
Then I'mma start shooting niggas on a solo tip
So labels better put a vest on the chest of my enemies
Cuz you ?? in danger we taking over
Never seen me coming like I'm fucking life soft
How do you deal with the rappers so hungry that even if the wind blow
It'll knock my stomach on the sidewalk
You won't deal you don't deal
Cuz nobody could stop me nobody could top me
All they could do is go study the album
And xerox the flow after they go buy them a copy
West coast drug dealer kamikaze
Motherfucker just call me the ?? Qaddafi
Putting that work out pushing so much weight
That nobody could spot me you nobody no not me

How many niggas do we have to come and get?
How many rappers do we have to come and kill?