Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chevy Woods - Just How I Feel Lyrics

Chevy Woods decides to liberate this new cut for his fans titled ‘Just How I Feel’. It is produced by Ricky P and King Tut. His ‘Gangland 2′ mixtape hosted by DJ Drama is set to drop on October 15th.

Just How I Feel Lyrics by Chevy Woods

I mean um, I guess you never know where the fuck you goin'
Hatin' on another nigga
You niggas is finishing last
Haha, real shit

[Verse 1]
Uh, push button for the start up
Me and my niggas gettin' to this money whats up
Ya, cus we ain't never have shit
Now we entering stores we fuck a tag rich
Over gold bottles we laughing
I mean that's at you niggas
I mean what's up with all these fashion whores
Cat wear it then you wear it, no credit for it
I guess it's true sucka niggas do sucka shit
Like not chase money, they'd rather chase a bitch
You talk that shit on the social site when I'm on the boat
I never had thoughts of this when I was selling coke
Custom shirts from the UK
Used to smoke two L's now it's a Cool J
Gettin' all of this cus we never settle
You talk guns but you're 4th place, you never medal

And I can never make enough
Fall back I'm out here breaking up
They ain't got nothing but some hate for us
Sucker niggas man our paper up

[Hook X2]
And you can only trust a nigga, as far as you can throw em
How you beefin' with a nigga, and you don't even know em
Everybody want somethin', and I ain't even owe em
That's just how I feel, I ain't even flowin'

[Verse 2]
Jet Life and that's word to the whole team
G5 flights Lebanon, 8 miles left till we land
Shoot yourself if you hating nigga, we know you cheddar Bob
Switch sides we don't give a fuck
You still hunting tryna get a buck
I'm your favorite rappers favorite rapper
I don't need it so you can keep all them favors rappers
Gang gang still the same niggas, just a lot more paid nigga
I see you tryna throw shay nigga
But I'm already on the beach in the shade nigga
But shit this kinda music make it rough, for you niggas
I know this music here make it rough
Man again, you niggas fake as fuck


[Hook X2]