Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Drug Shit" Lyrics by Action Bronson

Action Bronson drops some Drug Shit for your Tuesday morning after the long weekend.

Action Bronson - Drug Shit Lyrics

Do you do any drugs?
I did up until 6 days ago
6, so you haven’t drugs in 6 days
6 days
Fuckin Drug Shit!
And when you were doing drugs, what’s your dish?
Smoke crack, tried powder and smoked weed

Yo, straight from the depths of Queens
Niggas sleepin on the mezzanine
Like you blinkin and switch into a desert scene
Offin her but this motherfucker’s still the same
I’m throwin blows while you waitin for the bell to ring
Drug smoking, razors make the pasta sweet
Slumped over, when the barrel and you pass through me
Stay lean like some motherfuckin ostrich me
You full of shit, it’s time to get a colonoscopy
Since the kicks dick some for Miss Elisabeth
Lex Lugger rum
4 in the morning in the dark with the computer on
Wasting my time, my thoughts are patient
Tasted both ways so pace to my mind
Born to shine like the eyes on a cat
Same cat fuck around, put the knife in yo back
‘Cus it’s nothing, we live and let die your older man
And you’re bluffin, you left at the concert, showed yo hand pussy
Tailor made rubber, rubber made reliable
Never stole the suit, rock em in this suit
Play the streets like a ball court tennis shoe
Drunk as Popeye dippin in the spinach cool
Take my nuts out yo mouth, let me breathe for a minute please
Your life is cheap like a hooker in the Philippines
About to be a huge stars and I’m still in Queens
You want a shelf like figurine
Drugs are fast in my mind but I’m testin the shine
Switchin shit to keep these motherfuckers passin rewind
Thousands of pounds of pressure pressed on yo spine
Live divine, free to buy, lead the blind, read the signs
Hands up like you steppin in the party
Now you getting robbed, motherfucker with the shotty
Send you party, make yo body do an aly
And take yo Shawty girl cuz I geeked her up on molly
Have her eating dick, no need for seasoning
If 7 2’s are in the room, now she’s pleasing em
Like a tropper, hit her in the pupa
Throw her in the shower then I take her out to looper
I’m kinky, yall hit it even if it’s stinky
Put em in the shower, make a pussy brand new
Ran through, give her money when I can’t do
Stuff a lunchbox and burn her with the candle
Consensual rape, feeling the solutions
Animal abusing, Babel revolutions
Don’t get me pissed off, fuck around then get pissed off
Still getting head even if my dick soft
Rising quick, no flashings
I’m the end zone with one leg up holding like cars men
Throwin like daz men, straight foot
With the village leader smoking a pipe with seven wise men
I eat the biggest piece of chicken at the table
Let em know I’m hungry, polo on the rugby
The 44 long, surely got a trusty hold
Tryna live American dreams, dusty roads, yea

Tell me what an average is like for you out here on the streets
I don’t know, I usually make about 3-400$
I was smoking it up – this is was 6 days ago
And some guy is the weird
Some guys just want you to spank their butt
And other guys they just want you to put a condom and suck they dick