Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Curren$y & Young Roddy Ft. Juvenile - Mo Money Lyrics

This track leaked previously with just Spitta and Juvie. Now we get the final version with Young Roddy, off Curren$y and Roddy's upcoming tape "Bales" dropping on Friday.

Mo Money Lyrics by Curren$y & Young Roddy Ft. Juvenile

Loud money
Macho money
Stunt money
Show money
Blow money
Dough money
Your money
No money

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
I do my thing in the booth, the streets know
You hear my chains in the booth, I wear my gold
We pull up in front of your bitch, lift up them doors
She all about that jet life so fuck yours
These bitches know I’m stoned anywhere I go
And when ain't coming in if we can’t smoke
Fuck your rules, I’m too cool for that, bro
I buy the building, throw you out the back door
Carlito shouldn’t have let Benny back on gold
Cause everywhere you turn they coming for your dro
That’s why I keep my circle tight, jet life is in the cypher
Bending corners, breaking bitches, making dough
Coming up


[Verse 2: Juvenile]
Dough money, that’s paperweight
Loose leave my paper straight
Seeing those and they face to face
Shining nigga, no paper plates
Silver back we’re not silver spoon
Business man but I’m still a goon
I’m rolling, nigga, like wheelbarrows
Y’all joke niggas like Will Farrels
My money stupid like Leo Darryl
Y’all bank account is getting real narrow
I fuck the deal, up and run at night
Vampire on that life
And I know you hate my guts, bro
Cause I got everything you want in life
Waking up and I’m counting up
Cause that mula is my morning rite
And my morning right and my evening good
When my evening good then my family eating
My family, get sanity
That sanity is that man to me
And that man to me know what he said to me
Man as me and no damage me
I don’t plan to leave and no baggage either
Nigga didn’t give no bands to me
I’ve got


[Verse 3: Young Roddy]
I've got dice money, got coke money, got on the run lay low money
I'm a pimp fool take your ho money
Gon' use this shit for my smoke money
Like d bo I take yo money I'm still spending my old money
Old boy can't fuck with me this lil nigga gettin blown money
Got long paper I smash her good she askin me if I'm on somethin
I make bread fuck with my dope get beat out like you stole somethin
Them cops keep on harrassin' me try question me I don't know nothin'
This Juvenile and Young Rod [?] we got loads of money
[?] got a bowl of mary I kill a [?] bitch bloody mary
Jet Life the new Rockafeller my shoe box full of mozzarella
Got stuntin' money for my snow bunny back then I had no money
Until I touched a little blow money had to re up to make mo money