Tuesday, August 13, 2013

King Los - Control (Remix) Lyrics

King Los spits some dope bars over the "Control" remix and pays due to every artist Kendrick Lamar mentions in his verse.

Control (Remix) Lyrics by King Los

[Intro: King Los]
King, zero
I got it ugh

[Verse 1: King Los]
You are know havin' your sandwhich made
With extra mayonnaise, 808's, and a hand grenade
Cause any man could get played in my all in phase
I mean my flow passwords like the log in page -ugh
See how my last words do?
I put my log in your girl cause we past words too
Your bm just sent me a dm and you be chasin that hooker
You steady stalkin her twitter she gave me face when I booked her
She treat me like the face book logo, thats a true slut
In other words, she f'in blew me cuz I f'in blew up
Acknowledge my knowlegde is powledge, cowards get power dropped
Man my flow could make a suicide pilot apologize
I'm pilin guys in a pile, a pile of guys on they pals
I silently swear I'll kill'em, I'm finalizin my vows
I'm shittin on them, I'm vitalizin' my bowls
Like I took a vitamin, somethin vitializin my bows
Im the truth times two, I ain't invitin' lies you should bow
(Pow, pow, pow) I'm takin shots in the dark
While takin shots of the dog I'm takin shots at your thoughts
You can take these shots from a vet while takin shots at your dogs
They gon have to have me shackled and tabernacle
While havin my adams apple detached in a baptist chapel
While attacked by the fastest travelin javelin'
While attached to a dragon dragging a cage
These niggas go trap me and while I'm laughing, while I'm lapping em
Man I'm coming with the K, like the lackin' potassium
I'm Jordan from the free throw while every frame is in slow mo
And every fan in the stands got the head in they hands like "oh no"
Somebody get the promo, so somebody flick the photo
And somebody stitch the logo, cause I'm bodying this shit bro bro
Get it? You don't get it? My nigga, you gotta get it
I'm bodying this shit, his logo had his whole body in it
Oh my ice tea, Coco, Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice, Tom Cruise and Vanilla Sky
Tell these guys that im hella nice! Right
When i spit it tear wind the air pin
I'm wicked son, these niggas buns like hair pins
Amateur, I scientifically handle bars
And you just Jodie, puttin bikes together in your mans garage.
Dammit dog i fold this guy, I ain't talkin bout no rapper I said "fold the sky" nigga
In half and disperse the worse grin
As I write a verse in reverse that reverses the earth spin
You worse than a skid nigga who popped thing off then flee
I got a flow that can lock in and knock the wings off a flea
Yeah I'm a King, I'm elite I could never dream of defeat
I could Dr. King a speech while I'm Rodney King the beat
You playing the victim nigga, I'm saying the vicious scriptures
You niggas in denial like you bathe in Egyptian rivers
I wrote this in Hieroglyphics, I'm focused and I am gifted
I hope that I just provoked you to notice that I am different
I feel so blessed I should mention
I pushed the depths of extension
Much higher my type of talent requires special attention
Kendrick I think you genius, J. Cole got these niggas worried
K.I.R.T is a southern killer, Wale is a Visionary
Pusha been pushin so long he truly defines a hustler
Meek did his time like a G, came back home and shined on them suckas
A$AP mastered the facets of fashion, snatchin the essence of his whole fam and a no man demanding a presence
This nigga Drake nice on the mic and act,
So many hits he fucked around and brought light skin back
And Big Sean you did it, no you really did it, no bullshitiin
You puttin the D on I could see the future no Warwick
Get it? Dion Warwick, I went to war wit critics like Jay Eleca
Let him see my exhibit. Get it?
Exhibit C I exquisitely make a segway to Tyler
My futures odd. I salute ya dog
Mac Miller, young white boy track killer
Gotta feel that I think real rap back