Saturday, August 3, 2013

Juicy J - August 27th Flow Lyrics

Juicy J debuts a new joint titled “August 27th Flow”, as he preps for his very first major label solo release, Stay Trippy due out August.

August 27th Flow Lyrics by Juicy J

Famous and pimping, man!
Yeah, stay tripping, stars, August 27th!
Fuck with me, yeah!

May fuck these heinous niggas, I’m a rich nigga getting richer
Got Kush up in my swisher, AX still don’t hang from my pistol
Got Gucci sneaks on my… freaky bitches all in my suit
Bad bitch in my hot tub, and bad bitch in between the sheets.
Twenty sixes on my old school, born up and I’m riding high
Born up with the bullshit, so … that could start a fight
But I know I got that money, but I know I keep that burning
Nigga trying to take that cape, beat the bitch nigga like internal!
Bitch! Ain’t no money coming like your old money
I’m never coming up, Shawty, I got that old money
I’m counting that paper before I leave the house
Bitch got the new Mercedes that ain’t even out, yeah
Roll out while I’m driving, yeah, I’m just vibing
Big house all pimped out, back y’all look like a …
Boss nigga, I get paid, bring your bitch out to my play!
I’mma fuck that bitch today, tomorrow your bitch my maid, nigga!

Tomorrow your bitch my maid, nigga
Tomorrow your bitch my maid, nigga
I’mma fuck that bitch today, yeah hoe!
Tomorrow your bitch my maid, nigga
Tomorrow your bitch my maid, nigga
Yeah, yeah, hoe!
Still rapping, old niggas!
August 27th, stay tripping!
August 27th you’re dead, stay tripping!
Hoe ass nigga!

Pimp shit, get lost ahead, get my drop heads!
Tell them haters drop dead
I don’t fuck with beef, cause I got bread!
Goose whipping, not scared
Feel your ass…
Hit the club with some hoes like you ain’t just got shot dead!
All this money on my rolly, could have bought a Benz
I’mma wake up in the morning, ain’t gonna ball again
And the money’s my long …
And I’m known to carry more guns than a pun shot, nigga!
August 27th, stay tripping!