Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drumma Boy - Get That Money Lyrics (Ft. Future & Young Dolph)

Drumma Boy drops a new track under his "D-Boy" moniker with Future and Young Dolph. He';s been working on "WTMC3," coming soon.

Get That Money Lyrics by Drumma Boy Ft. Future & Young Dolph

Oh girl ain’t not the first time, gotta be the first one to get it
The first one to know hustle so the first one winnin’
Better get that money yeah, gotta get that money money
Gotta get that money yeah, gotta get that money money
I’m on .. like 24, gotta b the first one to finish
The first to break the.. by the end up with the..
Gotta get that money yeah, gotta get that money money
Gotta get that money yeah, gotta get that money money

I’m afraid went on the block, like January 1st
I work around the clock, I stay hungry I stay thirsty
I stay hustling, I stay paper, chase me crave until I give,
Yeah, money be my motivation all about them bitches,
It’s the first of the month do we do in four days
Gotta .. off, gotta get paid, I’m I’m early in the day
I’ma play tonight the times with the foes in the ..
Crackin’ every single dime, .. every single line,
Just to make the money mine, just to pay there ain’t no time
We go hard in the game, we go hard f*ck the fame,
Ain’t no pression just the pain, ain’t no pain I can take
Realest fast to the money, ain’t no money I can make


Gotta get the money mate like Benz and lazy crazy say
Gotta blind like 24 like .. do and get today
So I keep on runnin’ .. don’t even hide,
Gotta keep on shinin’ if you see me sleepin’ read your mind
Oh, when came from, wanna be through, started alright.
.. be there, you can be now started by time,
Don’t want bout me, when I’m ..
All that I see when I’m up ..
Like in them sleepers them MC with the hands be the..
We are the .. watch me on my hater and
No scrabble servin’ see a couple bottles my favorite shave
Don’t let them money make you hungry..


It’s the first of the month it’s time to wake up
Hold some .. of a blunt don’t need to ..
My .. and mama do, and she hate when ..
So silly pounds, so silly zip, whatever to get that paper,
I realize so no, I don’t need no I don’t need no .. to paper
Gotta stash house in the supper just to have the paper
Never spend the night, never say my neighbor
Just be go on hustle sound me .. Las Vegas
Late night, early morning, yeah make em play
I hear em no …
I can show you how to get it fifty different ways
Ask me why I’m always working