Thursday, August 1, 2013

DeLorean - Phillipe Lyrics (Ft. Smoke DZA)

Houston's DeLorean connects with Smoke DZA once again for this new collaboration titled 'Philippe'. It is produced by 183rd.

Phillipe Lyrics by DeLorean Ft. Smoke DZA

Philippe’s got me congestion
Say goodbye to the bag guy
Say hello to the new
Smooth sound to that cool shit

Kush guard is a spiritual
These rap niggers pitiful
Show’em up spit’em up like they did originals
It’s the original Kush god and the physical
Family protect the throne, Michael Corleone
You could get cleaned up
Like dirty dishes like Fredo Hail Mary
But end up with the fishes, I’m vicious
Narcissistic with the flow
Attitude like I’m better than any rapper you know
These niggers be killing themselves
My bank account nice, it ain’t right to be killing myself
Being rich is too mouse than being broke
I’m trying to get wealthy nigger, cash count dough
These niggers can’t face it, it’s that mad cow flow
Anthrax stuff, wax got me stuck
Shorty phoenix she just eager to get fucked
And Imma give it up, these the collars in my cup

Yo waiter gimme one more glass of Riesling
Get some of that whack beef fried dumpling yeah
Sound good don’t it mama?
HPLow yeah

Vintage opinions, we have you clean up your image
0 percentage of winners, eat after dinner
Masking mills your bunt, conversing with cunt
Engaging with bullets
You only as good as the last nigger you dumped
Figure it out you won’t
You running with clowns as thin as the blouse
We rolling with Judders…
My latest attempt no ladies exempt
The contents of music got me from profit to losing
That acting position start me form clocking to….
Rooting for dollars up from using Laguardio
Niggers say body up and them words that we call it up
Acknowledge this couple…
The calibers taking everything out of us like