Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kavinsky - Odd Look (Remix) Lyrics (Ft. The Weeknd)

French electronic musician Kavinsky released his debut studio album OutRun, earlier this year which received a great response. Now the French house artist puts a new spin on his single "Odd Look" by adding The Weeknd vocals for an official remix.

Odd Look (Remix) Lyrics by Kavinsky Ft. The Weeknd

[Hook: The Weeknd]
Your hesitation speaks to me louder than million words per minute
I was born to this life you're living, in this game, oh yeah
(Said..) Said nothing will ever be.. ever be the same, when you're finished
I freed a couple of souls, just yesterday, ooh yeah

[Verse 1: The Weeknd]
I had a good girl in my room, no tats on her skin
I put work all in her purse, she got guilt all in her grin
And I swear it be the same, every fucking where that I've been
All you girls try to be saints, I'll make you roll with a sinner
You can come to my hotel, you can bring me a friend
You can dress up like twins, I can teach you some French
Paperplanes full of kush, a couple cups full of gin
Don't know what city I'm in, wake up and do it again
And if you know me well, I don't like to talk
But when I make a move, you know it's loud as fuck
And if you wanna scream, get loud as fuck baby
I can tell your friend, I'm good at the instruction
A little bit, a little bit, oh yeah

[Hook: The Weeknd]

[Verse 2: The Weeknd]
Do you feel like you'll come back around?
Does it make you strong?
Do you feel like you can take the planet on? oh girl
Did I seem to give you a little bit more love
To your lonely life, to your empty life
Little life, little life, oh yea
Do you feel like you got your money's worth?
Cause if you did this round's on me
Just promise that you'll come back to me
Feed me baby, feed me baby

[Hook: The Weeknd]